10 Trail Running Tips for Beginners

I’ve been dabbling with trail running for several years now. During my last year in Atlanta, I participated in the Dirty Spokes trail running series as I tried to branch out from road running. And I have the scars to prove it, as I ended up on the group during every race that first year. The good news is that I am using those more painful experiences create this guide with trail running tips for beginners!


Since moving to Colorado over four years ago, I’ve incorporated trail running into my training regularly. While I haven’t done as many trail races here, I recently ran as part of a 5-person relay at Chase the Moon, overnight trail running race. With my history of painful trail races, you may be surprised to hear I didn’t fall once while covering 12 miles in the dark!

Why You Should Try Trail Running

Even if you don’t plan to enter a trail running race, there are a number of benefits to including trail running in your training. You will build sport-specific strength, thanks to the frequency of hills you’ll find on most trails. This is a nice alternative option to hill repeats to build your strength.

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